But Does It Add Value?

Daily, I’m bombarded with tweaks, requests, campaigns – you name it – all in the name of a single motivation:

To add value.

“Value” is such a subjective, amorphous term. What is valuable to one person could be worthless to another. What adds value in one channel may be silly in another. Who defines value? And why should what’s valuable to you matter to me?

And yet, why should we make this change at this point in the campaign? It adds value. Why should we implement this new feature? It adds value. Why should we halt all other emails to invest time and energy crafting a personalized buyer’s journey? It adds value.

Obviously, these different tasks don’t have the exact same outcome. “Value” changes according to circumstances and perception. It can’t really be defined then.

So what is value then? And why isn’t there ever enough of it?

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